Adempiere Tip: Run multiple webui's

If you host adempiere for a number of customers, you might have decided to front end all of your adempiere servers with something like Apache, in order to centralise access and security. We use proxy_pass to connect these to backend adempiere servers with ajp. However, this can be problematic if you want to pass the same context to multiple backend servers as the remapping of contexts does not work well with apache.

Mobile Phone Roundup

In the end, my X1 was too knobbled by Vodafone to do all the things I wanted to do. I concluded that I would have to buy a phone from somebody neutral (sim free) which has resulted in me being able to:
* use an imap mail reader against my usualy multiple mail boxes
* run skype
* run a sip client (it work's best over wlan - vodafone's network is poor quality for sip traffic and I haven't yet found anyone knowledgeable within vodafone to want to try to assist)
* sync my contacts using my own funambol server

Fring Thing

I've just bought a new phone which runs windows mobile, the Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia. Although the phone was locked, downloading a registry editor allowed me to unlock the features I needed. Most of the keys are undocumented, which is frustrating but there is some documentation for carriers online that provides clues as well as registry hack sites.

Welcome to my website

Hi and welcome to me website. If you're looking for Michael Judd - there are a lot of us around. To find out if I'm the Michael Judd you're looking for, you could have a look at my background (

I started this website when I started travelling in 1998 and now I've settle so far from home, I've decided to improve the site and add a blog, improve the photo gallery and add some new functionality over time.